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The Strong Serum

The Strong Serum

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Think of running your hands through a head full of hair. That is exactly what Gent's Minoxidil 5% Hair Regrowth Solution delivers. US FDA approved to help re-start hair growth. Revive your hair follicles, improve hair density, and give yourself fuller, thicker hair.
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Why it is awesome?

Clinically proven results

Improved results in 94% individuals

Free of hormones and toxins

Aqua based rather than alcohol based 

Works for all skin and scalp types

Transcutol P - Helps in better penetration of Minoxidil

Here's how it helps

Hair Regrowth

Reverses the miniaturisation of follicles.

Increases blood flow around follicles.  

Stimulates follicle movement to growth phase.

Extends each follicles growth phase

Hair Cuticle Strengthening

How to apply?

Make sure your hair is dry or slightly  damp (not wet). Part your hair in a few rows for maximum exposure.

Fill the dropper to the 1 ml line and gently squeeze the bulb to release the solution on the affected area. 

After applying, massage the affected areas evenly for better penetration and faster results.

Treating hair loss

If you are looking for a hair loss treatment to regrow hair, try our Advanced Hair Treatment which can effectively help hair regrowth in about 94% of men who take it over three to four months. Treatments are US-FDA approved!