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The Powerful Tablet

The Powerful Tablet

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Want a magic pill to help increase hair growth? This is exactly that! Finasteride is the only US FDA-approved oral medication for hair growth. Proven to help with the 2 things you really want - reduced hair loss & increased hair re-growth. Safe to use, recommended by dermatologists and trichologists worldwide.
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Why it’s awesome?

Clinically proven

Free of hormones and toxins

No pain, only hair gain

What is it?

Finasteride is a US FDA-approved medication that stimulates inactive hair follicles and blocks DHT, a male sex hormone (derived from testosterone) that is responsible for hair loss in men. Finasteride lowers the level of DHT by up to 60%, which in turn stops the shrinking of hair follicles, prevents further hair loss, and encourages hair restoration.

In short, here’s how it helps:

Hair regrowth

Helps boost shrunk hair follicles that need a kickstart

Treating hair loss

If you are looking for a hair loss treatment to regrow hair, try our Advanced Hair Treatment which can effectively help hair regrowth in about 94% of men who take it over three to four months. Treatments are US-FDA approved!